We provide single and double bed. Enjoy your stay with the comfort that we provide


When you wake up in the morning, breakfast will be available in the main room. You can choose menu options in the previous day

Free Wifi

if you need wifi we provide it free. You can still work and do activities using our wifi facility

Swimming Pool

We also provide swimming pool for you and your family. Swimming is perfect choice for those of you who want to relax with family

Villa Rumah Joglo

Villa Rumah Joglo is a unique villa with a village atmosphere. The villa has 5 main rooms, 3 living rooms, a hall, a kitchen. The facilities we provide include wifi, laundry, breakfast, swimming pool. The cost is affordable, very rational. We also have employees who will help you if you need.Villa Rumah Joglo is very appropriate to be your choice while on vacation in the area Yogykarta. Villa Rumah Joglo are built around residential areas so you can mingle with the local community. You can also learn batik art in the neighborhood. Batik is a cloth with traditional stripe. This batik is one of traditional culture of Indonesia. The services we provide will make you feel at home. Enjoy the facilities we provide and enjoy your holiday.

Villa Rumah Joglo
The Unique Kampung Javanese Life

Viila Decoration

The renovation of Villa Rumah Joglo is done gradually. Originally our viila did not have a swimming pool, but we built it for villa facilty. We also purchase antique properties original from Indonesia and India. Our main hall has antique design with Javanese culture. In addition, our villa we also decorate with plants that make the atmosphere of the villa more fresh. Villa Rumah Joglo becomes a suitable villa for you who are on vacation in Yogyakarta, Indonesia | 28 April 2017 | admin | Read more...

Photo Session

Last month, we got customer from France. They enjoyed the service from our villa. When they arrived we did a photo sesion for the official video of the Villa Rumah Joglo. They enjoyed the shooting. In previous day, our customer has also been on holiday to Borobudur, as well as the world's largest Buddhist temple. They really enjoyed the trip to Borobudur temple. In addition to a vacation to Borobudur, they also visit the beach baron, beach in the area of Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta. They really enj | 14 April 2017 | admin | Read more...